Wicked Sisters began in 2007 with good friends getting together to play music and work through some original songs. Soon we began playing our music around and about Amador County. This year marks our 10th year of having fun together!  Our original band members, Kevin Wever, Anne Jeffries, Lynn Vasquez and Ken Custodio played together for about  seven years.  Three years ago, Ken and Kevin stepped out, and Tami McBroom and Harry Briggs stepped in!  We now enjoy four-part harmonies, sharing our instruments, and continue to add fun covers as well as original songs!  

Wicked Sisters, named for their feisty and edgy side, play a variety of acoustic folk, pop, country and blues with sweet four-part harmonies.  They play covers by artists such as Little Big Town, Lucinda Williams, Miranda Lambert, Prince and Mamuse.  They also play many original songs as well.  Their songs are positive and fun, poignant and meaningful.  (However... they've been known to be irreverent!)

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  • Sep 30
    Bark in the Park,  Jackson

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